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NoSweat is a non sweat barrier initially designed to aid PowerLifters by eliminating sweaty palm when using powder chalk.

By keeping the hand ultra dry and allowing for you to safely rub tiny amounts of the chalk into the palm and eliminates a majority of the waste chalk and "tumbling" particles common with excess use.

The minimal now stable layer adds feel to the lifters grip unlike experienced with chalk alone.

Delroy McQueen was on hand from it conceptualisation in early 2022 and month slater won a title at T&S using it after it's sign off,

Delroy stated "NoSweat is a fantastic product and nothing works like it.The little chalk you now use will hold your hands better than ever and take your grip to a whole new level!

Since then, trials continued in various sports. Dinnie Stone lifting with the legends that are Mark Haydock and Brett Nicol. National Strongman competitions either with chalk or as a non sweat barrier under tack, sleeves or neoprene knee supports, Pole Fitness, Rugby, Cricket, Golf and MotorSport all where a dry hand with feel is essential. 

How To Use:

For use with powdered chalk: Add 3-4 drop to your hands and rub in. Wait a moment then add the tiniest amount of chalk. Again rub this in and shake off the excess. Go Lift!

You can use NoSweat without chalk, also under kit like knee sleeves and elbow/stone sleeves, gloves to help keep the skin dry and the kit in place.

Please test on a small area of skin first. If theres any reaction wash off with soapy water.

Use as intended, wash off once training and lifts are completed, moisturize when possible after use. NoSweat comes in a 50ml recyclable glass container. Keep out of direct sunlight and tighten the lid when not in use.

No Sweat

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