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What can I say... I wanted to make something that did the job and did it well.

There simply wasn't anything out there fit for purpose and at a reasonable price.

So, I made my own and the Affinity CaveMan bag was born.

The design itself was penned back in January 2016 and after a few sample runs the bag proper was ready in August. It hadn't been cheap nor easy but I had something I was happy with... for now.


There's alway room to improve things and whilst I was happy with the initial design structure, materials and a few niceties needed to be updated or included.

The V1.0 sold out the moment I had started to compete and other strongmen saw the bag. The insulated cool pocket a must have for those in comp days.

The v1.1 was by now already in production and with a large quantity ordered I had really had to back myself and the idea that these were going to be an essential for Strongmen and Women not just in the UK but the world over.


With the CaveMan v1.1 being seen across various competitions and popping up on social media in the hands of elite level Strongmen, the sales became enough not to worry about losing the house (joking, not joking) and feedback meant i could make the next iteration and revision. The v2.0.

More material updates and a view to enhance the CaveMan element was made... the story of how i was evolving too made it into the design of one bag with the ever popular "Eat The Weak" KitBag being made.

These now sold in the UK and I sent them all across the globe.


In a few short years the bags went from an idea to a KitBag used by legends of the StrongMan sport and across all competitions from grass roots all the way to the Worlds Strongest Man.

We were able to make a Pro Spec bag in conjunction with Strongman Laurence Shahlaei, this soon saw another made for the Legend that is Donna Moore, Big Z, Martins Licis and the reigning WSM Champion Oleksi Novikov.

Then a focus onto the next wave of UK hopefuls and finding character as well a talent with UK's finalist Ryan England. Here we created the Pro Spec in "Rhino" guise to back an athlete with potential, more of these will follow.

The journey so far has been tough, fun but in all reality... it's just started. And in late 2024 there'll see the new incarnation.



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