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Who is Team Affinity USA?
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After spending months and months buying products from the UK, 3x World's Strongest Man competitor, Bryan Benzel, quickly realized the quality of Caveman and TeamAffinity products were unmatched. From handmade gym bags, unbeatable liquid chalk, and the most hilarious down-to-earth creator you will ever meet, Team Affinity had no choice but to make its way to the US. 

Growing up in Alliance, Nebraska, Bryan Benzel carried on his athletic career from high school to the University of Nebraska Cornhusker’s. Shortly after Benzel’s football career ended, he was exposed to the world of strength sports. From Highland Games to powerlifting, it wasn't until he found strongman that he truly felt like he met his match. Bryan has been able to compete against the best of the best competing at World's Strongest Man in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Despite being plagued by injuries, the strength community remains a large part of his life.


With years of strength sports, comes years of trying product after product. Team Affinity has put its blood, sweat, and tears into making top-graded products that you cannot find anywhere else. Bryan is ready to share these products and the message behind them with the United States of America. After all, TeamAffinity is "us" and the CaveMan mentality is something that makes "us" better. 


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